Resume Formatting: $99.00
  • For any professional seeking to improve the appearance of their existing resume, a solid understanding of MS Word's formatting tools is key. Poor overall design, misalignment, odd characters, and distracting fonts can negatively impact your resume's first impression or make it difficult for hiring software to "read" your document. When you purchase resume formatting services from iHireHR, our team of Certified Advanced and Master Resume Writers will:

    • Eliminate formatting errors such as extraneous spaces, tabs, section breaks, and columns.
    • Increase your document's chances of maintaining its original design.
    • Employ professional techniques to completely transform the look of your existing resume into an eye-catching document
Cover Letter: $99.00
  • Many job seekers overlook the importance of a cover letter, but a well-written introduction can set your application apart. A strong cover letter will effectively present your qualifications to the recruiter/hiring manager and highlight how you can help a prospective employer. When you purchase cover letter writing services from iHirePublishing, our team of Certified Advanced and Master Resume Writers will:

    • Draft a concise and dynamic cover letter that compels employers to read your resume.
    • Utilize exciting and professional language that highlights your qualifications and key achievements.
    • Provide a Word (.doc) file that you can easily tailor per application.

After submitting my resume to 5 potential employers, I was invited for interviews and, as a result, received 3 job offers.

Heidi M.

Thank you so much! I am truly impressed with the new resume and cover letter! Both are wonderful and do an excellent job of articulating my qualifications and experience. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that someone I had never met would be able to 'capture' my professional life and personality, but you did so perfectly!

Jennifer M.